Why I choose SCUM Paradise

Being an admin on SCUM Paradise since Jan 2020 one of my main goals being an admin was to make the server the best that it could be. I have focused most of my time on ‘Player Retention’ and creating an atmosphere that allowed the admins to ‘admin easily’ and a place where players felt welcomed. In admin assistance, I’ve helped LJ with the bot and to build the botshop. I felt the ‘discord bot’ aspect was helpful for admins as we could get assistance in various commands and it allowed us to track down technical issues within discord through logs. Mind you, this was before SCUM Admin Helper (SAH) so it was definitely needed. I felt the botshop was a good idea, as that was the progression the game was heading towards. You have to remember, SCUM has gone through various changes through-out development of the game. I feel SCUM went from a Survival Game, to a PVP game, back to a Survival Game with PVP. I can understand why though. The developers were/are trying to appease a player base. The desires of the base can fluctuate though. I also understand that GamePires was fighting against new games such as Dead Matter, Deadside etc… There is one thing that SCUM has had a hard time doing, and this is what I’ve tried to do the most on SCUM Paradise: BALANCE.

Above, is all about admin preference. As an admin I seek out balance. Base Building vs Raiding. PVE vs PVP. Mines vs <Whatever> Although as a player I am actually seeking the same thing. I want a server that is balanced. I want to have PVE areas, and I want to have PVP areas. I want the option to be able to use coins I have earned playing the game to buy anything I can afford. I also want the option to go out and loot for whatever I want. I want admins that are FAIR AND BALANCED. I want the people who run the server to be fair with players and understanding. I want the people who run the server to balance that out with enforcing the rules, by doing their best to elaborate to the player base what the rules are. I want admins to take each situation as an independent issue. Sometimes the punishment or warning has extraneous circumstances and needs to be handled differently.

Un-balances… this in my mind is the SCUM game and SCUM server killer. Example… months ago when we had mines all over the map. This completely destroyed the balance of the server. We had people putting mines all over the place. You’d walk just about anywhere and die from a mine. It wasn’t fun, in fact it was irritating, and frustrating. As a player, I would have gone to another server. Unfortunately, a lot felt like this; and a lot of people left SCUM Paradise.
To wrap it up, I want a BALANCED SERVER. A little bit of this, and a little bit of that. I truly believe most people stay on SCUM Paradise because of that. I believe SCUM should be played however you want to play it. Whatever floats your boat. I absolutely hate when people say “SCUM should be played like this”, or “this is how SCUM should be played.” No, it should be played how YOU want to play it. “SCUM Paradise… play here how you want to play” –JedtheZed

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