Welcome to Paradise

SCUM Paradise is one of the most populated SCUM servers in the world. Our server has the most active, and most experienced admins in SCUM. Our admins have over 19,000+ of cumulative playing hours in the game. SCUM Paradise has a mixture of PVP and PVE areas. The PVE Only Areas are located on the top of that map that is highlighted in green. In the PVE areas there is no killing, base raiding, nor destroying of vehicles. Enjoy the relaxation of building a base in peace, or hunting animals at your own place.

SCUM Paradise is the Official Home of Scum-Bot. This Bot hosts our Paradise Bot Shop via our Discord server. Here you can earn ‘coins’ by either 1) Playing the game 2) Killing people 3) Winning hourly raffles. You can spend your coins in the Bot Shop and purchase items. All new players can request a free welcomepack that includes coins and everything to help get you started on the server. To request this welcomepack join our discord server at https://discord.gg/Sy9hqct in the channel #botcommands. Make sure to first read the #rules channel and also the #bot-shop-info channel.