The New and Old SCUM Paradise – What has changed?

Have some things changed on SCUM Paradise recently? YES. Is it for the better? YES!

I’ve been on the SCUM Paradise Admin team since February 2020, and I first played on the server in November 2019. I’ve been through all the issues this community and server have had. I was here the first time some of the admins quit the server and it was just LJ and I. Literally on the server admining 10+ hours a day for 2 months, keeping things alive. I helped run the bot (physicall on my own machine), and through the WhalleyBot upgrade process. During that time I helped broker a deal to bring all the admins back. It wasn’t easy, but a compromise had to be made and it was. I was here when some of the admins left and started Paradise Lost. That was a big shake up, as there was only active 3 admins on SCUM Paradise. We all worked our asses off to keep the server and community going.

Over the last month the remaining admins on SCUM Paradise started to get burned out, including me to be honest. Pulling in a lot of hours with a small admin team isn’t easy. It’s exhausting and takes a lot of time. G and Mila were the owners of SCUM Paradise as the original owner AND founder LJ was unable to run the server. Within the last month G wanted to add me as one of the server owners, which I resisted at first. A week ago he finally convinced me to be one of the owners. It was G, Mila, and I as owners of SCUM Paradise. G and Mila decided a few days ago that they were done with the game, and did not want to continue to admin nor run the server. G reached out to me about taking over the discord server and said him and Mila wanted to shut down SCUM Paradise. I told them, give me a week to decide if I wanted to run the server because I didn’t want the community to die.

At this time, I reached out to LJ the original owner and founder of SCUM Paradise to see if we could possibly discuss a merger with Paradise Lost, which is the other admin team on the original SCUM Paradise. After several talks, a good compromise was made. Which included keeping the SCUM Paradise Discord (where I elected to give ownership to LJ; again the original owner and founder), keep the WhalleyBot (coins, bank etc…), and use the Paradise Lost server as the main server; but rename it: SCUM Paradise!
I know there are people who are not happy with the situation, and I fully understand that. The only other alternative was to shut down the discord community and scum server. I wanted to do whatever I could to make sure that did not happen.


  • We have kept our discord server/community active with 5,200+ members!
  • All of our players were able to keep their coin banks. You have no lost a single coin!
  • Included in keeping your coins, we are using the same bot as before; we just changed the name to SCUM-BOT
  • We are playing on a new SCUM Server, which is called: SCUM PARADISE – MAX LOOT & CARS – PvP/PvE – PawnShop – BotShop
  • The new IP Address of this SCUM Server is:

-Admin_JedtheZed / Admin Team since February 2020.

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