Trouble Reconnecting To Server

Trouble Reconnecting To Our Server


– Try to rescale your render resolution to 10 and then scale it back up if you can join if that doesn’t. 

– Try to remove your standby ram by following the tutorial in the video below

First and foremost you should always verify your scum files through steam..

That didn’t work? In some cases retyping the IP address or reconnecting through the main menu works.

Still not letting you connect to our server? A reboot of your system maybe your problem and it can fix the most simplest things.

Still not working for you? 

Let`s take a look at your ping

To do this open (COMMAND PROMPT) 


ping in (COMMAND PROMPT) Window and hit enter  

Time= is your ping to our server. 

This is good

This is bad!

Still not working for you? You can delete your app data for scum.

Try Uninstalling Your EasyAntiCheat


If you have no luck doing these steps uninstall your game and reinstall it…

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